5 Reasons Why You Should Convert Your VHS to DVD

5 Reasons Why You Should Convert Your VHS to DVD

5 reasons to convert VHS tapes to DVD

VHS tapes have been responsible for storing hundreds, if not thousands of hours of precious captured memories. They were a staple to most of our childhoods – from watching your favourite films on the tv screen or reminiscing DIY home movies with the family. However, support for these media have essentially vanished with the last VCR player discontinued by the 2010s.

Although in this modern day, analogue media don’t really have a place, these tapes still have immense personal value. Records of footage locked away just waiting to be enjoyed again by those who captured them!

That’s why we highly recommend converting your VHS tapes into the modern formats of DVDs and digital files, and here’s exactly why you should:

1. Easily Shareable

Once you convert your VHS into a DVD or digital file like an MP4 – sharing your videos is extremely easy. Without stating the obvious, a DVD is a light, durable format that can be read and played on most modern players – anyone who owns a device with a disc reader can also enjoy your VHS contents whether it be a desktop or DVD player.

If you convert to a digital copy, then it’s even easier! Video files such as an MP4 can be easily copied and pasted which can then be sent over an email or uploaded to a private online storage. Either way sharing your family footage makes it as easy as possible.

2. Watch Exactly How You Remember It

Unfortunately, there’s no way to improve on a video’s resolution compared to when it was originally filmed but we can guarantee that it’ll be converted with the same quality!

VHS is a lower resolution analogue video format compared to media shot in modern phones and cameras. Although the quality hasn’t changed, neither has the contents. You can reminisce captured moments in the past and enjoy memories long kept away! Besides, the old format gives off a nostalgic sensation which some may enjoy.

3. Secure, Durable and Long Lasting

All analogue media have an expiration date including VHS tapes whether from natural deterioration or risk of physical damage. Those hard plastic cases are good in the short term but over time, they can’t be relied on to keep the contents safe.

Proper maintenance, storage and care can help keep your tapes last a little longer. Although, it’s highly advised to transfer them to a more permanent format such as a DVD or digital file. Both these formats are secure and more durable – you can easily make as many copies as you want if you have the storage space.

With digital files, you can get the added benefit of online storage which essentially makes your videos last forever!

4. Editable and Customisable

More for those who are adept in video editing and moving images. Video content saved in DVDs or digital files can easily be imported into most modern video editing software such as Adobe. You can make short films out of your old family videos or create montages of all the best childhood moments.

You can express as much creative freedom with your old VHS footage by transferring them onto a digital copy. These could make for a good family movie night!

5.They make the perfect Gift

VHS tapes and their contents aren’t normal media – they hold precious memories cherished by the person who filmed or starred in it. What’s more thoughtful than gifting long lost captured moments? Replaying family videos can be a good reminder of the past and offer a sense of passage that most can’t experience without having cared for their old tapes.

There’s probably a reason why people would hold on to their tapes for over dozens of years, right?

In summary, there are actually many reasons why you should convert your tapes to DVDs or digital copies and we have just listed a few here. Converting your tapes can help you reconnect with old videos which can then be enjoyed by family and friends!

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